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Awareness of the Insider Threat Coming Soon

Awareness of the Insider Threat

29-03-2019 / No Comments

Course Description The following training session is designed for upskilling purposes and covers the latest updates incorporated into national legislation NCASP version 2018 and EC regulation 2019/103 and should only be taken if you have previously completed aviation security training to the required competencies within your work sector. Who is…

Inflight Supplier Security Training Coming Soon

Inflight Supplier Security Training

23-03-2019 / No Comments

Course Description EC regulation 2015/1998 states, In-flight supplier security training as job specific training for persons implementing security controls for in-flight supplies other than screening within a regulated supplier or known suppliers premises. Who is the training for? In-flight supplier training has been designed as a job specific…

BSAT Dublin Airport Training Coming Soon

BSAT Dublin Airport Training

12-03-2019 / No Comments

Dublin BSAT Basic Security Awareness Training (BSAT) online aviation security training is designed specifically for Dublin Airport and it’s operational procedures. Who is this training for? Persons requiring unescorted access to the security restricted area of Dublin airport, must have an airport identification card (AIC).  As part of…