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Airport Suppliers

Course Description

The online airport supplier security training course covers the competencies of  general security training 11.2.7 and airport suppliers security

This training will provide individuals working within an airport suppliers premises with a basic overview of aviation security requirements.  Training focusing specifically on airport supplies. Airport supplier training gives an overview of possible threats to aviation including suspicious activity within organisations.

The online airport supplier training discusses general reporting procedures in the even you detect suspicious or unusual activities or behavior within your organisation.

Who is the training for?

Airport supplier security training 11.2.7/ is a job specific training course. This course is designed for persons that are producing, handling, loading or off-loading identifiable airport supplies.

Examples would be companies providing airport supplies for the retail shops at airports, as well as staff within airport retails shops accepting secure supplies and ensuring their security.

Other examples may be companies providing fuel and other supplies for the operation of the airport.  This course is also the required training for drivers that are physically loading and off-loading airport supplies but if a driver is only transporting a sealed vehicle from point one to point two and at no point has access or handling the supplies then the general security awareness training 11.2.7 may be sufficient for their requirements. Click here for further details.

Examples of staff that require airport supplier training would be:

  • Production Workers (any staff that are manufacturing or producing identifiable secure airport supplies).
  • Retailer staff (any staff responsible for accepting secure airport supplies and/or responsible for ensuring the security of supplies at all times within the airports SRA).
  • Drivers (transporting vehicles with identifiable airport supplies that have access to the airport supplies and are responsible for loading and unloading the secure airport supplies).
  • Administration workers (any staff that are responsible for completing documentation and security declarations for airport supplies).


Airport supplier security training consists of the competencies and is made up of units that last between 10 and 20 minutes. At the end of each unit there while be between 2-5 questions before you can proceed to the next unit.

On completion you have to achieve an overall minimum 85% mark before you will be issued with a certificate, which is valid for a period of 3 years.  A training badge with photo and a digital certificate are also issued. The digital training certificate can be retained on your mobile phone for proof of training being completed.

Learning Outcomes

European Union Regulations 2015/1998 and it’s amending bodies states that airport supplier security training shall result in all of the following competencies:

  • knowledge of previous acts of unlawful interference with civil aviation, terrorist acts and current threats.
  • Awareness of the relevant legal requirements.
  • Knowledge of insider threat and radicalisation.
  • Knowledge of the objectives and organisation of aviation security, including the obligations and responsibilities of persons implementing security controls.
  • Procedures for challenging persons  and  of circumstances in  which persons  should be challenged or reported.
  • Knowledge of reporting procedures.
  • Ability to identify prohibited articles.
  • Ability to respond appropriately to the detection of prohibited articles.
  • How prohibited articles may be concealed.
  • Protection requirements for airport supplies.
  • Knowledge of transportation requirements.


Version (10th January 2023)

Course Content

Total learning: 8 lessons / 7 quizzes
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