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Dublin Airport BSAT Training

 BSAT Dublin Airport


What is this training?

Basic Security Awareness Training (BSAT) online aviation security training is designed specifically for Dublin Airport and its operational procedures.

It ensures compliance with Dublin Airport Authority’s (DAA) operational requirements and WD training centre regularly updates the content to ensure full compliance with national, EU, European and International requirements for aviation security.

Whilst covering all relevant legal requirements, the course also explores the possibility of insider threat and of radicalisation within the organisation.

In summary, it deals with the essential elements which contribute to a robust and resilient security culture in the workplace and in the aviation domain.

Who is this training for?

WD training centre have designed the course for persons who require an airport identification card (AIC) in their particular role.  The AIC allows unescorted access to the security restricted area(s)? of Dublin airport. However, in order to receive an airport identification card, BSAT training must be successfully completed first.

And, for some jobs, such as driver safety at the apron or outer perimeter, additional training will be needed before an AIC can be issued

BSAT Certification

The main objectives, for Airport staff and contractors, are that:

  • You understand the need for aviation security.
  • Are aware of the security measures in place at the airport and/or the facility where you will be working.
  • Recognise the security needs of Dublin airport.
  • Understand the part you play in contributing to aviation security.


Online BSAT

You will complete 7 training units that last between 15 and 20 minutes. Then, at the end of each unit, you will answer around 3 to 5 questions. Once you have answered these, you will proceed to the next unit.

The pass score for this training course is 85%.  Your score for each unit will be used to calculate your end grade.

Once you have successfully completed your BSAT training course, wdtraining will issue you with a certificate and a training badge with photo ID, which is valid for a period of 3 years. A digital copy of your certificate will be held as proof of you having completed the course.

Other Information

In addition to BSAT, you will also find all our classroom aviation security training courses at www.wdtraining.ie

Other relevant links and websites of interest include:

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Course Content

Total learning: 8 lessons / 7 quizzes
  • BSAT Competencies



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