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Accountable Manager Training

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  • 05-03-2023
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Who must complete Accountable Manager Training?

As of January 2023 all designated Accountable Managers must complete Aviation Security Accountable Manager Training as required under national legislation.  This also includes security managers that also have the title of Accountable Manager.

What is included in Accountable Manager Training?

As stated in the Irish National Civil Aviation Security Programme, training must include the following competencies:

  • Understanding principles of Security Management Systems.
  • Knowledge of responsibility and accountability for the SeMS and final accountability.
  • Responsibility for determining risk tolerance.
  • Authority for ensuring all activities can be financed and adequately staffed.

In addition to the accountable manager training competencies, you as the designated accountable manager will also be responsable for ensuring risk assessments are completed as required.  We have also included the required competencies for risk assessment training in this course.

What is an Aviation Security Risk Assessment?

Aviation security risk assessment training must consist of the following competencies as stated in the National Civil Aviation Security Programme:

  • Be familiar with a variety of risk assessment methodologies.
  • Knowledge of aviation specific risks.
  • Ability to evaluate the risk.
  • Understanding of appropriate risk mitigations.
  • Define the risk appetite of their organisation.
  • Ability to communicate risk assessments outcomes.


What are the requirements for taking part in Accountable Manager Training?

Before take part in acountable manager training, a background check to the same level as the security manager must be completed. Proof of a completed background check must be confirmed before training can proceed.

Assessment and Certification.

Modules consist of small interactive presentations that last between 5 and 10 minutes, there will be interactive questions during.  At the end of each module there are beween 3 – 5 questions. You are required to get an overall pass rate of 85% from the sum of all the questions for the entire course.

On successful completion of your training course you will be issued with a certificate, badge and online digital badge. Training is valid for a period of 3 years.


Course Content

Total learning: 11 lessons / 10 quizzes
  • Accountable Manager Training Competencies  0/21

    • Lecture1.1
    • Quiz1.1
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    • Quiz1.2
    • Lecture1.3
    • Quiz1.3
    • Lecture1.4
    • Quiz1.4
    • Lecture1.5
    • Quiz1.5
    • Lecture1.6
    • Quiz1.6
    • Lecture1.7
    • Quiz1.7
    • Lecture1.8
    • Quiz1.8
    • Lecture1.9
    • Quiz1.9
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