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Risk Assessment Training

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  • 08-03-2023
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What is an Aviation Risk Assessment?

Risk assessment is a systematic process of identifying potential dangers and evaluating any associated risks which could pose a threat.

Organisations  ensuring the security of aviation are required to carry out a risk assessment on their operations and premises.  The risk assessment must be reviewed on a regular bases and be available for inspection by the appropiate authorities on request.


Who must complete Risk Assessment Training?

Risk Assessment Training must be completed by the Accountable Manager and designated Aviation Securiy Manager.  Other relavent persons that will be assisting the Accountable Manager with the duties of carrying out a risk assessment or any of its individual components.

The risk assessment training consists of 6 units, lasting between 5 and 10 minutes per unit.  There will be interactive questions during training. At the end of each unit you will be required to complete a quiz on that unit which will count towards you final score.  You require a final score of 85% or higher to pass your training.

Training takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete, on successful completion, you will recieve a certificate, badge and training record.  Certificates etc. will be available in your company administrators profile for downloading.  Training is valid for a period of 3 years.


What is Aviation Security Risk Assessment Training?

Aviation security risk assessment training must consist of the following competencies as stated in the National Civil Aviation Security Programme:

  • Be familiar with a variety of risk assessment methodologies.
  • Knowledge of aviation specific risks.
  • Ability to evaluate the risk.
  • Understanding of appropriate risk mitigations.
  • Define the risk appetite of their organisation.
  • Ability to communicate risk assessments outcomes.


Accountable managers are required to complete specifc accountable manager training which includes all the above competencies of risk asessment training, click here for further details. Accountable Manager Training

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Total learning: 7 lessons / 6 quizzes
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