How Do I get A Dublin Airside Pass

BSAT Training

Dublin Airside Pass

What is an airside pass?

An airport airside pass provides the user with access to security restricted areas of an airport where the general public would no be permitted.

There are different types of airside pass and depending on the role you play within the airport, you will have access to different zones, for example if you work in the duty free retail area of the airport, then you do not have an operational need to acess the ramp area where the airports are parked.

How do I apply for an Airside Pass at Dublin Airport?

  • Submit an application form to Dublin ID centre, Dublin identification card appication
  • Complete the required criminal record checks.
  • Complete the required training. BSAT
  • You may be required to complete further training, such as driver training etc.

Once all checks and training has been completed, the airport identification centre will then issue you with an airside pass, only at this time ae you permitted unescorted access in security restricted areas.