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NCASP Upskilling / Insider Threat Awareness

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  • 28-06-2020
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Course Description

The following training session is designed for upskilling purposes and covers the latest updates incorporated into national legislation NCASP version 2019 and EC regulation 2019/103 and should only be taken if you have previously completed aviation security training to the required competencies within your work sector.

Who is the training for?

National and EU requirements state that recurrent training shall comprise an update of any developments or incidents in the aviation security sector since the initial training was received. For this reason all persons that have previously received aviation security training must receive additional updating to their initial training as and when updates take place.

This session is designed for persons that have previous completed BSAT training ( for and airside pass, staff within the air cargo sector that have previously completed training to the competency (, as well as the supply sector ( and all other general persons such as cleaners and those requiring unescorted access into secure areas that have completed training to the competencies of 11.2.7.

As well as the above this upskilling session is also suitable for airlines and airline staff that require updated on the latest national and EU requirements and amendments.


This upskilling session takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete and there are a number of questions at the end of each session that must be completed correctly, if the individuals does not achieve a pass of 85% on the first attempt they will receive a second attempt to answer the questions correctly.

On successful completion of the upskilling session you will receive a letter of confirmation stating that you have received training on the latest updates to national and EC regulations, this letter will only be valid when accompanies with a valid aviation security training certificate issued by a certified aviation security instructor.

Learning Outcomes

European Union Regulations 2019/103 and National Civil Aviation Security Programme amendment version December 2019:

  • awareness of the relevant legal requirements.
  • Knowledge of elements contributing to the establishment of a robust and resilient security culture in the workplace and in the aviation domain, including inter alia, insider threat and radicalisation.
  •  Knowledge of  the new upcoming recruitment processes
  •  Knowledge of reporting procedures and ability to communicate clearly and confidently.

Other sources of information include: EC Regulation 2019/103

If you have not previously completed any initial aviation security training or your present aviation security training is no longer valid then you will be required to complete a full avsec training course, please see our home page for present available courses: Aviation Security Training Courses

Course Content

Total learning: 5 lessons / 4 quizzes
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