BSAT Airport Security Training

BSAT Airport Security Training

BSAT Training

Before issuing an airside pass, you will need to complete BSAT Training. The first stage to obtain an airport airside pass is for an approved organisation to submit an application to the airport operator.

First you will have completed your application for airside pass.

Once you have completed your criminal record check, then you must complete your BSAT Airport Security Training.

You can follow the link to register on and complete your mandatory training, BSAT Dublin Airport

You can find further details for airport AIC applications at:

Dublin Airport:

Cork Airport:

Shannon Airport:

You can complete our online BSAT Training on any online device.

The online BSAT, which is designed for those wishing to obtain an airport ID and work airside in SRA’s, is available.

Your certification remains valid for 3 years, and IAA certified instructors accept it at all Irish airports.

You can enrol, pay, launch, learn, test, and get trained for your BSAT Course without needing paper forms or facing any hassle.


What do I need Before I can do BSAT Training?

You must show you have an operational need and completed a criminal record check. And you have completed your criminal record check from all countries of residence for the past 5 years.

Basic Security Awareness Training (BSAT) is the minimum training that any airport employee will need. The airport identification card (AIC) is first completed in order to issue it.